Saturday, 12 December 2015

Freedom from Expectations

I have been moved over the past few
months to reflect and meditate more than usual and in so doing, letting  go trying to push that great big River of Life, allowing more of Life to come to me rather than me pursueing Life.  These following words of wisdom, and I can't remember who wrote them, flagged up in perfect time to share in my Blog.

"Each moment is a source of joy. Pause, especially if you have lost track of joy, to discover its presence in this moment.

When you are enjoying yourself hold the joy as lightly as a flower.

Don't hunt for joy; it will hide from you if you do.

Accept no substitutes. By all means do that which you enjoy, but do not expect external stimulation to provide you with joy. It comes from within.

Be free of judgement. Every judgement harbours a pain within you. Let others be as they are; let your focus be on being your own best self.

Your best self is joyful. If you are trying too hard, you'll lose the joy and slide away from your best self.

Bin beliefs that are not valid under Universal Law. For instance, 'As soon as I start enjoying myself, someone comes along and spoils it', is not a Universal Law, but something that happened to you often enough for it become a working hypothesis for a grumpy martyr lurking within your character. Love the grumpy martyr, tickle its tummy like an old dog. Scratch it behind the ears, but don't take it too seriously.

Forgive all. It's a great way of releasing the baggage of the past and travelling light.

Be free from expectations. So, something didn't turn out the way you expected or hoped? Find joy in how it did turn out; don't mourn the path not taken.

Turn to the Sun. Let it speak to your heart. The Sun nurtures the joy within you by breathing into its flame.

Witness the beauty of the Earth".

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