Thursday, 20 December 2012

Moment of Intent this Solstice

There has been so much prophesied and written and spoken about the times we are living in, this present moment in 2012. So much written and spoken that I have become quite confused and have to remind myself to KIS. Keep It Simple. 

I would like to thank Oakley Gordon for the beautiful simplicity of his "Moment of Intent this Solstice".

He gently recommends the following:
"Today, tomorrow, for the next few days. Sit down on the Pachamama, whether you can sit outside or on the floor of your house. Put your hands on the Pachamama. With your intent (sincere pretending) connect with her energy. Let your awareness flow into her. Connect with the flow of the change that is occurring. Become one with that flow."

This is when my heart sings in the beautiful simplicity of connecting with Pachmama.