Monday, 22 October 2012

"Cleaning our Windows of Perception" Part 2

What do you see?
I was interested by a persons response to a photograph I used as a seasonal theme to advertise my Sound Meditation for All Hallows on 31st October.  In Celtic tradition, this feast of Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, "the darker half of the year."  The person's response seemed to come from a place of fear and superstition and it reminded me of another conversation I had with someone who was terrifed to have any pictures, fabrics,hangings or feathers of peacocks in her house.

It is easy to engage in the emotion of fear and let our thoughts run away with us and create bigger "mountains out of molehills." based on our conditioning. My understanding is that these "mountains" make up a lot of our heavy mental energy and that whenever I feel heavy and need to transform it, ie."clean my windows" I go into Nature and with intent, connect.

For me this photo means more that a stone in a tree trunk, it is my way of appreciating and connecting with the rythmn, silence and beauty of Nature in all the splendour of the Autumn colours and light.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Equinox Sunrise, Courageous Dippers and Poem. Part 1

Now or Never
When I arrived back from the Netherlands after a workshop with Don Americo and Gayle Yabar, I was met by a weary looking husband (Trevor) at the airport and I wondered what he had been up to!  He had been in his element taking photographs at dawn of brave dippers and swimmers, attempting to break a world record for the number of skinny dippers braving the North Sea to raise money and awareness for the mental health charity MIND.

Two weeks later Trevor hired a room at the Tynedside Cinema Newcastle to present his photos in a slide show to the intrepid dippers alongside a visual presentation of the amazing work MIND does. Fantastically about 40 people turned up for the slide show and my contribution was joyfully reading a poem written by one of the dippers.
Here is part of the poem "Life affirming morning at Druridge Bay" by Alan White

"Cloaked conspirators roam in the gloom,
Making their way to the surf's distant boom.
Coughing and laughing, sniffling and snuffling,
Fumbling and tumbling, stumbling and grumbling,
Eventually all locating the breach
And that's how the dippers descend to the beach.

We're here far too early. The sand feels too frigid.
We stand here much longer; we'll freeze till we're rigid.
There's no point in arms folded under your bust;
The cold will still get you. Oh well, if you must!
Veteran skinnies remain fairly calm;
They know it will do bits and pieces no harm.
But most stand or shuffle in some agitation
Because we are dreading the great revelation,
Because we all know in the depths of our hearts
It's wrong to exhibit our most private parts.
A diversion, form lines to make up a tally.
At this people start to get giggly and pally.

She enjoys a wonderful sixtieth party
With huge crowd of nudists, healthy and hearty.
The previous day marked my seventy first year,
And your splendid event gave me something to cheer.

A creature died in our field last night.
It wasn't me."

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Illumination and Creative Spirit Part 1

Double Rainbow in Grindelwald
As far as ”cleaning the windows of our perception” (see previous blog and Don Americo Yabar) I am still feeling the ripples of the quality of light and purity of the air in Grindelwald For me, connecting with Nature in this way has been profound, illuminating and breathtaking, and there is a very creative ”renaissance” going on within. The trick is now to be the Creator and weave my own unique part of the Tapestry of Life, combining the Peruvian Salk’a energy work with Colour and Sound to bring peace, harmony and balance.
"when you realise that ultimately we're working
with the creative impulse of life itself, it is clear that nothing is ever
set in stone and we can continue to dance with the creative flow ever more consciously. Touching your essence as creator is the start of a whole new level of unfolding treasures"
 Julia McCutchen

Creating in the Moment Workshops.

Gong Dog Konnie and Healing Sounds Part 1

Sad Konnie

Gong Konnie

I remind myself of the wonderful and running free "Wild Wolf" nature of Konnie dog when she was so tragically killed in her prime last April, in contrast to the misery of her sad start in life.  We have come a long way together from when I first  took her on as a very wounded dog from the RSPCA. We taught each other so much, for me there was something wonderful about her motherliness, her strength and her wisdom. 

Konnie loved to lie under the gongs whilst I played and would even lie alongside a client during a sound healing session, being very present and comforting for them and I know she received a lot of healing for herself from the gongs. My Solar System Gongs are tuned to the frequencies of the Sun, Moon and Earth, providing a holistic resonance of celestial harmonies.  "May the entire Solar System be your true self"  Gong Master Don Conreaux  Konnie died being her true self.  A real lone wolf.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Windows of Perception Part 1

I have received much inspiration from my wonderful wise friend Carolan this week.  We have both shared many experiences over the years with Peruvian mentor, Don Américo Yabar.   One of his sayings is that “we need to clean the windows of our perception” and this weekend I started to widen my perception and could see amongst all the wonderful participants on the course the strong emotional impact that working with animals (and sometimes their misguided owners) can have.

For me "cleaning the windows" is partly about clearing ourselves from the influence of our personal "heavy energy" which can limit and cloud our view on life.  The Salk'a energy is the undomesticated energy of the Cosmos and in simple movements with intent we can connect and clear ourselves of the heavy personal energy.  SO my personal mantra is Think Salk'a!!

Renaissance and the birth of blog. Part 1

My daughter Frances and I attended a wonderful EFT and Animal Communication workshop this weekend with Catherine O’Driscoll   and I was reminded how vital it is for each and every one us to find and create ways of speaking our truth and offering and sharing our gifts to others.   Such gifts can be simple acts of human kindness, acknowledging, listening, sharing, empathy and compassion or joining together to take practical action to protect the wellbeing of pets.

I have already put into practice some of what we learnt last week on the course, and Catherine has been very supportive in offering encouragement and guidance.  I was feeling particilarly guilty that our very beautiful and elderly cat Holly, had sustained an injury to the top of her head and had to have a single large dose of anti-biotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relief.  However she is rallying and I did feel I was able to help Holly through EFT, even though at one point she told me to get lost.  On the subject of the previously mentioned "speaking our truth" animals need a voice too, they contribute so much and are so unconditional, non judgemental and patient with the love they extend to humans.