Sunday, 25 November 2012

12.12.12 The Big Om

I hear in my mind the words of the 70's song "what a difference a day makes" and that is what 12.12.12 is all about for me.  When people come together in the spirit of co-operation to create their own sound of OM for peace, there is something far bigger than us going on.  In the heavens extraordinary things are being orchestrated, only yesterday I witnessed an expanding spectrum of colour around the sun I have never seen before, and it was so wonderful I had to rub my eyes to see if I was imagining it.

12 December 2012

On a mind/body/spirit level when we unite together with pure intent to make our sound for peace, each individual's unique vibrational frequency is raised and, as a consequence, that of the planet too.

The Mayan calendar speaks of a new cycle of evolution and 'Oneness' for Earth and Humanity on 12.12.12.
"Oneness" being the balance of masculine and feminine energies into "Divine Oneness". There are many global sound events planned for people to unite and focus using the ancient and sacred sound of "OM".  Our 'Sound Lounge' explores and uplifts the senses through sound and vibration of the continuous resonant soundbath of Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Vocal Harmonics and the sound of 'OM'.

I trust that everyone who is meant to come will come to the Queen's Hall on the day. Feel free to join-in with your own sound of 'Om' and let's see what a difference this day makes.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Prayer for the Mighty Ash Trees and Appreciation of Beauty

In a bid to do something for the Ash trees, three of us went to our local woods and set up the intent to meditate and connect with the wonder,wisdom and splendour of the trees.  It felt as though we had a window of sunshine to illuminate us whilst we drummed and sang very quietly and all the vibrations were captured in a beautiful bowl of water to create an essence for the trees.  It felt that the more we ackowledged the strength and stillness of the trees, so we received their message and gifts to us and it really felt like a reciprocal relationship and a beginning of a deeper understanding.

I feel that if we can consciously connect with Nature, we open up more and more to opportunities for receving wisdom and healing, and sometimes even to receiving insights into many of our daily stresses and anxieties.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

All Our Life's a Circle of Growth and Achievement.

Our beautiful Black Rock hens
I love that, as we draw closer to the Winter Solstice, there is a sense of having completed a circle of creativity and exploration over the year. Now is the time to hibernate and go within ourselves to reflect and allow ourselves to feel a sense of achievement for the many things we have enjoyed in 2012.

I feel that a sense of achievement can be something seemingly very small or quite vast, and it is very personal. My daughter Frances and I have set ourselves the challenge of fostering a whippet-cross-spaniel called Cooper to help him get a happy loving permanent home.  This is where one of my circles comes in. I feed the chickens who lay the eggs that we sell to buy Cooper's food. Fostering Cooper helps train him and gives valuable experience to Frances; it helps Morgan's Dog Rescue  by creating a space for another dog to find shelter and support.  Trouble is Cooper tried to break the circle by getting a mouthful of feathers off one of the hens.  However six hens a laying and I am very grateful to them for their gifts of beautiful brown eggs....and the circle goes on.