Thursday, 24 January 2013

Meditation Brings Wisdom

I loved this quote.

"Meditation brings wisdom: lack of meditation leaves ignorance.  Know well what leads your forward, what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.  Meditate. Live purely.  Be quiet.  Do your work with mastery:  like the moon, come out from behind the clouds, shine!"

Prince Siddharta Gaumtama  (563-483BC)  founder of Buddhism

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Thanks and Gratitude for the promise of Spring and Self-Discovery

Thank you everyone who came to the Big Om event at the Queen’s Hall on 12.12.12 in contributing their beautiful presence and voices to the event.  I feel we raised the roof, uplifted Hexham, uplifted Mother Earth and our own spirits!

Talking of lifting spirits, I have been hearing so much birdsong over the past few days and I feel encouraged and uplifted for what is for me, the promise of snowdrops and, just around the corner, Spring. Part of the promise is the colour of Spring Green and new life.  In Tama-Do "Accessing the Way of the Soul through Colour." Spring Green represents childhood play and Spring and our newly adopted 12 week old puppy Moss reminds me of the joy and wonder of play and self discovery.

We have a number of events for self discovery in  2013 to bring harmony, healthy eating, vitality and Lightness of Being. At the heart of all of this creativity I like to weave my grounding system of the clear "undomesticated" energy through the teachings of Don Americo Yabar. It is so beautifully simple and so powerful and really does help to clear any "heavy" mental energy.- A great way to prepare for all that 2013 brings!

For Lightness of Being in 2013
Sound, Colour and Movement Fri-Mon 23rd – 26th February, half day/full day explorations of Sound Colour and Movement with Carrie Mitchell (Tama-Do’s Academy First UK Instructor); final details TBC.