Sunday, 10 November 2013

Becoming Visible

Becoming Visible hasn't just happened over night but has taken years, it's just the realisation that something so subtle has changed. The realisation happened after dyeing a pale pink dress which I never wore. I fancied orange to start with and,although I was pleased with the result, it didn't seem to reflect "me". I then added a soft red on top of the orange and that was it. I had found my empowering colour of ILLUMINATION. "Red is the Spirit of Life. The Divine spark in our Soul. It is the inner fire that creates the first desire to "incarne" on this Earth in our!" from "Accessing the Way of the Soul through Colour" by Terres Unsoeld, Fabien Maman and Patricia Janusz. I feel as though I have come home to my Spirit of Life.

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