Monday, 15 October 2012

Windows of Perception Part 1

I have received much inspiration from my wonderful wise friend Carolan this week.  We have both shared many experiences over the years with Peruvian mentor, Don Américo Yabar.   One of his sayings is that “we need to clean the windows of our perception” and this weekend I started to widen my perception and could see amongst all the wonderful participants on the course the strong emotional impact that working with animals (and sometimes their misguided owners) can have.

For me "cleaning the windows" is partly about clearing ourselves from the influence of our personal "heavy energy" which can limit and cloud our view on life.  The Salk'a energy is the undomesticated energy of the Cosmos and in simple movements with intent we can connect and clear ourselves of the heavy personal energy.  SO my personal mantra is Think Salk'a!!

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