Monday, 15 October 2012

Renaissance and the birth of blog. Part 1

My daughter Frances and I attended a wonderful EFT and Animal Communication workshop this weekend with Catherine O’Driscoll   and I was reminded how vital it is for each and every one us to find and create ways of speaking our truth and offering and sharing our gifts to others.   Such gifts can be simple acts of human kindness, acknowledging, listening, sharing, empathy and compassion or joining together to take practical action to protect the wellbeing of pets.

I have already put into practice some of what we learnt last week on the course, and Catherine has been very supportive in offering encouragement and guidance.  I was feeling particilarly guilty that our very beautiful and elderly cat Holly, had sustained an injury to the top of her head and had to have a single large dose of anti-biotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relief.  However she is rallying and I did feel I was able to help Holly through EFT, even though at one point she told me to get lost.  On the subject of the previously mentioned "speaking our truth" animals need a voice too, they contribute so much and are so unconditional, non judgemental and patient with the love they extend to humans.

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