Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Illumination and Creative Spirit Part 1

Double Rainbow in Grindelwald
As far as ”cleaning the windows of our perception” (see previous blog and Don Americo Yabar) I am still feeling the ripples of the quality of light and purity of the air in Grindelwald For me, connecting with Nature in this way has been profound, illuminating and breathtaking, and there is a very creative ”renaissance” going on within. The trick is now to be the Creator and weave my own unique part of the Tapestry of Life, combining the Peruvian Salk’a energy work with Colour and Sound to bring peace, harmony and balance.
"when you realise that ultimately we're working
with the creative impulse of life itself, it is clear that nothing is ever
set in stone and we can continue to dance with the creative flow ever more consciously. Touching your essence as creator is the start of a whole new level of unfolding treasures"
 Julia McCutchen

Creating in the Moment Workshops.

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