Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gong Dog Konnie and Healing Sounds Part 1

Sad Konnie

Gong Konnie

I remind myself of the wonderful and running free "Wild Wolf" nature of Konnie dog when she was so tragically killed in her prime last April, in contrast to the misery of her sad start in life.  We have come a long way together from when I first  took her on as a very wounded dog from the RSPCA. We taught each other so much, for me there was something wonderful about her motherliness, her strength and her wisdom. 

Konnie loved to lie under the gongs whilst I played and would even lie alongside a client during a sound healing session, being very present and comforting for them and I know she received a lot of healing for herself from the gongs. My Solar System Gongs are tuned to the frequencies of the Sun, Moon and Earth, providing a holistic resonance of celestial harmonies.  "May the entire Solar System be your true self"  Gong Master Don Conreaux  Konnie died being her true self.  A real lone wolf.

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