Saturday, 10 November 2012

All Our Life's a Circle of Growth and Achievement.

Our beautiful Black Rock hens
I love that, as we draw closer to the Winter Solstice, there is a sense of having completed a circle of creativity and exploration over the year. Now is the time to hibernate and go within ourselves to reflect and allow ourselves to feel a sense of achievement for the many things we have enjoyed in 2012.

I feel that a sense of achievement can be something seemingly very small or quite vast, and it is very personal. My daughter Frances and I have set ourselves the challenge of fostering a whippet-cross-spaniel called Cooper to help him get a happy loving permanent home.  This is where one of my circles comes in. I feed the chickens who lay the eggs that we sell to buy Cooper's food. Fostering Cooper helps train him and gives valuable experience to Frances; it helps Morgan's Dog Rescue  by creating a space for another dog to find shelter and support.  Trouble is Cooper tried to break the circle by getting a mouthful of feathers off one of the hens.  However six hens a laying and I am very grateful to them for their gifts of beautiful brown eggs....and the circle goes on.

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