Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Prayer for the Mighty Ash Trees and Appreciation of Beauty

In a bid to do something for the Ash trees, three of us went to our local woods and set up the intent to meditate and connect with the wonder,wisdom and splendour of the trees.  It felt as though we had a window of sunshine to illuminate us whilst we drummed and sang very quietly and all the vibrations were captured in a beautiful bowl of water to create an essence for the trees.  It felt that the more we ackowledged the strength and stillness of the trees, so we received their message and gifts to us and it really felt like a reciprocal relationship and a beginning of a deeper understanding.

I feel that if we can consciously connect with Nature, we open up more and more to opportunities for receving wisdom and healing, and sometimes even to receiving insights into many of our daily stresses and anxieties.

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